What is an Android TV Box?

Posted by Khanyi Molomo on Jun 24, 2019 9:44:09 PM
Khanyi Molomo

So, you've probably heard all the buzz around Android TV Boxes. But you just have one question – How does one small box help you stream online content, browse the internet, access media files, and so much more?

Considering some of the uses of this new technology, we reckon they're going to be around for a very long time so, you might as well start learning more about them.


We all grew up paying DSTV or M-Net to have access to a certain number of channels. Well, with an Android TV Box, this concept is thrown right out the window. Once it's connected to your TV set and the internet (via Wi-Fi or Ethernet), you have access to a variety of entertainment options, such as TV shows, movies, sport, music, games, and videos.

You're also able to stream content and surf the internet. In other words, An Android TV Box takes home entertainment to the next level.


So How Does it Actually Work?



The Android TV Operating System (from those guys at Google) is what runs this box. Android TV is a big screen version of the same system that runs on tablets, mobile phones, and other Android devices, people who already have Android devices can quickly wrap their heads around how to use it. And don't worry if you do even for you apple die-hards.


Setting it up also involves just a few simple steps:


  1. Connect your HDMI cable. You'll often find this in the box. If your box doesn't have one, any HDMI cable will do. If you have an indoor pet that loves to chew on wires, or if you'll need to squeeze the cable through tight or awkward corners, then consider a braided cable as this might be your best option.
  2. Choose Wireless or Ethernet. You can go wireless or connect an ethernet cable. Either option works, however, do keep in mind that ethernet is generally faster, so take this into consideration when deciding, especially if you'll be streaming as streaming works typically better with quicker internet speed.
  3. Connect your Google account. Once your box is on, you can either create a Google account or just enter in your existing Google/Gmail details. This will help to sync your pre-installed apps. If you prefer to keep your data private and not accessible on your box, then creating another Google account will be your best option.
  4. Don't neglect system updates. This is an important point on our list, regardless of what device you're using. Regularly updating your devices and the apps you have will help you connect to the latest features and keep your device more secure.
  5. Install apps. The Google Play Store is the official app store for Android Tv. Most users like it because it offers a variety of entertainment options. You can easily download music, movies, eBooks, and so much more.




Once you're all set up, the various streaming and entertainment apps (TV shows, movies, music, etc.) are displayed on the screen, and all you have to do is pick and choose your choice of entertainment.

This means you can watch anything you want using this Smart Box. Besides the already impressive points listed above, why should you consider getting one for your home?


What Makes It So Special?


It's Portable

It's the 21st century, and people are always on the move. We go away on holidays, business trips, etc. The days of having to deal with whatever TV channels you find in your hotel room are long gone. This media box is compact and easily fits into any travel bag. This allows you to take control of your viewing preferences, no matter where you find yourself.

It Transforms Your Standard TV into a Smart TV

Okay, so this one is a big deal. These media boxes can all stream HD videos, with some of them being able to stream 4K UHD (Check out the Ranger). It also allows you to surf the internet. All the functions of a Smart TV without actually paying for a Smart TV!

It's More Affordable than Buying a New TV Set

So, if a Smart TV isn't a part of your budget or you are not ready to upgrade your existing tv, an Android TV Box is the best way to go. Most units are way more affordable than smart TVs. Keep in mind boxes are quite varied with different capabilities so, decide on the best Android TV box for your family, it's essential to study the specs and understand what you and your family's viewing needs are.


mediabox stack 4K Ranger 2000

Does it Have to Be Google Certified?

The simple answer is yes, to use services like DSTV Now, Showmax and Netflix your media box has to be certified by Google. Most users turn to the Google Play Store for their streaming and entertainment apps. To maintain the quality of use and reduce security problems, these devices need to meet specific Google requirements.

When you're searching for an Android TV Box, it's in your best interest to ensure that the box is Google-certified. 

The Future of Home Entertainment is Here

To be honest, there are a lot more reasons why Android TV Boxes are so special. But we can't list them all because there's simply not enough time. However, we do hope you're clear on one thing – these devices are disrupting the home entertainment game and getting yourself one is a no-brainer.


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