Why You Absolutely Must Have a Google Certified Android TV Box

Posted by Kirsti Rivett on Sep 3, 2019 10:43:46 AM

Streaming content surely is the fastest, most space-efficient way to watch the latest and greatest movies and series, right away. And it’s increasingly popular amongst South Africans, who are all streaming the likes of Youtube, Netflix, DSTV, Showmax and more.

But how do you stream without a smart TV or laptop? It’s simple really — an Android TV box.

It’s so simple, in fact, that there are so many options out there. 

An Android TV box is a specific piece of hardware which connects to your TV and the Internet and runs through the Google operating system if it is certified. More about that, here.

With so many options to choose from, it’s important that you understand the difference between getting a Google certified™ Android TV box, versus one that isn’t certified. It could mean a huge difference between enjoying (or bingeing) Stranger Things to its full capacity, or not enjoying any streaming at all.


Why you shouldn’t get an uncertified Android TV box

When looking for the right device for streaming TV, you’re flooded with options, all readily available for purchase in South Africa. With so many options, the cheaper option may sound appealing and it can be overwhelming to understand what not to buy.

Many of such options are uncertified Android TV boxes. This means that they do not run Google’s certified operating system(GTVS) and many official applications like DSTV Now, Showmax and even Netflix will not be supported and will require additional hardware.

We know what you’re thinking. 

What’s the point of purchasing a TV box if you can’t actually watch the apps you need? 

Our point exactly.

Because the device runs from its own, open-source version of the Android operating system(AOSP), you may not be able to get into the Google PlayStore/Play Services, causing your TV Box to not be compatible with apps that require Google’s stamp of approval.

It doesn’t stop there. Uncertified TV boxes also lack security features because of their modified software and third-party operating systems, which means they lack official support and could be harmful to your devices.


An uncertified TV box will not run certain applications and will display an error when opening them.

In order to use the device, the user will need to download additional applications in trial-and-error to help it run. This can be a huge security risk as these unofficial applications could come with preloaded viruses that could be harmful to your TV and devices.

Cheaper versions also use an unfriendly interface (often designed for mobile and not TV) that can make it difficult to navigate, as well as use cheap hardware to cut costs, resulting in a flimsy product.

All of this means that ultimately, you’ll need to purchase a Google-certified Android TV box in the end. Or, if you’re smart, to begin with.

Tip: When purchasing an Android TV box, check the fine print to make sure it supports the right applications and runs with at least Google Android™ TV 8 operating system.


Google certified TV boxes to the rescue

No need to panic. 

Google-certified devices, like ours, are compatible with all devices and offer support for all official applications and Android TV OS.

Back to binge-watching Stranger Things — no hassles!

And what’s great is that because they’re run specifically with Google’s operating system, each application will be optimised for the exact device you stream from, providing the best TV performance, regardless of the device.

Plus, using a Google certified Android box means that should any bugs occur, they will all be taken care of by Google. This, of course, means that investing in a  Google certified Android box is much more stable option and will ultimately perform better and last, much, much longer.

Well there you have it, a few rock solid reasons why you should absolutely invest in a Google certified Android box, and not an uncertified one. You can have it all, and watch it all with a streaming service, like mediabox, without compromising on price, quality and security.

Happy streaming!

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